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Week 3 – High Renaissance


High Renaissance is a climax of renaissance period where art was very precious at the time. At the time, art mostly organized by wealthy people such as king, duke, or also a pope. However, the art in Renaissance mostly created for a religious proposal. There were also many artist that contribute in art like, Leonardo Davinci a painter, and Michelangelo a sculptor.

Leonardo has his talent n art since he was a young boy. In age of fifteen, he with his father went to Florence. In Florence, he study about art with a teacher named Verranico. Leonardo is a very curious person. He always like to examine everything around him start from the simple thing like water until about how a bird can fly. He then got interested to an idea about how to make human can fly like bird and since that time he continued learn until he finally found an aerodynamic theory to make human can fly. Leonardo also the one who found a new painting method that is oil-painting, which help him to resulted a nice colorings on his painting. His teacher, Verranico, because of Leonardo’s genius, stopped painting for a specific reason that people might never know. Leonardo apparently known as a multitalented artist that not only expert in arts, but also in mathematics, botany, astronomy, and architecture.

Another artist is Michelangelo, a sculptor. He just like Leonardo that expertise various field besides art, such as mathematics, architecture, etc. Because of his expertise, Michelangelo also trusted by a pope, Julius, to make a Sistine ceiling decoration by painting. At first, Michelangelo rejected to work on the project, because he is a sculpture and painting is not his concern although finally he accepted the project. He made the ceiling painting with the combination with reliefs and at the end of his work resulted an amazing Sistine ceiling painting.

In other case, though Leonardo and Michelangelo were in a different field focus, they seemed to be a rival of each other, and even both of this artists argument about “Painting vs Sculpture”. In Leonardo’s mind, a painting should be better that the sculpture in delivering a message, because it gives better effect since it concern about the shadowing, light source, and atmospheric linear perspective that will give people the real sense of the painting object’s situation. In other hand, Michelangelo assumed that sculpture was much better than painting because it gives people the physical aspects, an object/situation that can be touch and feel by people rather than just examining by eyes in the painting.

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