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Week 4 – The Connection between Graphics in Historical and Modern Era (Interdisciplinary Collaboration Resulting Unique Design)


What things you firstly crossed on your mind when you heard word “Art” or “Science”? Both of those things seem different since most people define science likely to knowledge like physics, natural, chemist and art is likely something about aesthetic. Science introduces people to how things happen exactly around us while Art is a kind of discipline that create something to resulting perspectives of the watcher/reader to something. Anyway, although Art and Science work on different things, basically both of those disciplines work with the same principal. Both scientist and artist are work with problem at the time and also take a risk towards the uncertainty that possible to happen in the future.

In the practice of a good design, the different lines between art and science are getting blurred. An expertise such as Da Vinci also applies collaboration between art and science concepts in most his creations and it result a great creations of Da Vinci. Da Vinci also make a statement that show the relation between art and science that is “Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world. ”. that statement by Da Vinci may means that art is the important part of any kind of science. Here Da Vinci try to emphasize the important of art in science to make something that resulted by science have more meaning and sense after completed with art concepts and principal.

The picture below shows an example of a good design that collaborate art and science concepts in one product. This product known as “Flexible Bookshelf” that made from flexible wooden board. When a person want to put books to this bookshelf, the flexible wooden board are lifted then the books and items will be put between two lifted boards. After the items fitted in the bookshelf, the bookshelf will form muscle-like shape. It is unique because it gives an unusual form and give different sense to the user.

Now, lets explain the concept of this unique bookshelf separately base on the art and science aspects. The base science concept of this product is the flexibility. The scientist make the wooden board be very elastic, so the user would able to reform the bookshelf freely as they like without too much worry that they may brake the board. In the art aspect, of course it basically focus on making the unusual shape the bookshelf may form. By this ability, the user will get interested to put their stuffs in different ways as they want and no longer use the common rectangular bookshelf. For some people it may also affect their mood while working, moreover it can contribute to create better atmosphere in their working room.

Chuck – flexible wooden shelf on Behance.htm

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