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Week 3 – The Connection Between Graphics in Modern and Historical Era (Definition of Design Part 2)


The last week journal about definition of design have discussed about some perspective about design. Today’s journal is going to talk about design base on a book titled “Design Method” by John Chris Jones. Firstly, this book explain that a design is begin with an initial state that pass through a process until then reach the future state.

Designing means to initiate change in “man-made things”. However, in this post-modern era, the term “man-made thing might be no longer be a concern, but in postmodern era a design mostly purpose to make a change in thought and action. What is that mean? It means that in post-modern era, a designer should not only make things base on people interest, but to make things that can make people get interested. In other words, a design created will also influenced people thought, idealism, etc. in certain things, or even also able to change people behavior through something. One of the example is “The Most Heroic Cut of All – Shave for Hope” campaign that attract people to cut their hair to be paid for certain amount of money for each head. Actually the money paid will not goes to them, but to kids who are suffer for cancer. In fact, some people do not like to have their hair cut for certain reason, but logically they also think that no matter how long their hair will be cut, it will grow up back in certain period and by the way people also able to contribute for the safe of the children who suffer for cancer.

Other idea in this book is design is equal change, because if we define one by one: change is different; change of different is a process; change of process is an evolution; and the change of evolution is Design. Here people can see that a design is actually a result of various change.

Design is a changing of an existing situation into a preferred one. It of course requires imagination to formulate a plan and deals with some uncertainty that might be faced in the future.

This book also explain about the difference between art, design, science and engineering. Firstly, art is more related tu culture creation. Then, science is an ability in creating knowledge that will be the basic for any kind of field. The next, engineering is an ability to create a solution for problem in surrounding. And the last, design is an ability to give a meaning to any aspects around us, so things will not only a thing, but also can give sense by design.

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