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Week 2 – The Connection Between Graphics in Modern and Historical Era (Definition of Design)


Design. What things firstly come up in your mind when someone state word “Design”?
Some people think it is something related to visualization, imagination, plan, creation, etc. As I asked about “what is design?”, firstly come up in my mind, design is the way people illustrate things inside their mind on to a design media for a certain purpose.

There are several opinions define word “design” in different perspectives. Charles Owen defines design in this sentence, “Design is to design a design to produce a design”. From that sentence we can see that word design can be set as a noun that is a plan or a drawing as an outcome from a thought, and also as a verb that is a kind of action to make a design (plan) happen. Harold Nelson and Erik Stolterman says “Design is ability to imagine that-which-does-not-yet-exist, to make it appear in concrete”. It means that design is an activity to evaluate a present condition and find something that not exist in that present time, then, produce it in the future.

Designers is a profession that someone commonly working a design work. Bryan Lawson and Kees Dorst state “Designers typically produce novel unexpected solutions, tolerate uncertainity, work with incomplete information, apply imagination and constructive forethought to practical problems and use drawings and other modelling media as means of problem solving”. From that statement, can be interprated that a designer should be able to work in many possibility of “puzzeling” condition, because when a designer asked to make something, he or she will not give a complete information about what and how he or she should done exactly. In other way, a designer may only given some clues that also not specificly figuring things that designer should produce, therefore, designer will require an ability to imagining things that may fulfill the client’s expectation by visualizing the clues given. In visualizing the clues, designer use a modelling media that can be in 2D form such as, screen, canvas, etc, or also in 3D form like, sculpture, relief, mini projection, etc. In the statment, Bryan Lawson and Kees Dorst state “problem solving” it means that a designers is not only creating a design without any purposes. A design that a designer create should have a purpose either in function or aesthetic, because that is thing that make a design become more meaningfull and has a value.

There is also a statement that says “Designers are people who are paid to produce visions of better futures and make those thing happen”. Designer is a profession that work to produce a thing that the world has not has, and make it valuable and beneficial for people in purpose to create a better future. In addition, the word “paid” in this statement is not only means payment in form of money, but a designer also paid in forms of appreciation, fame, etc.

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