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Week 1 – The Beginning of Arts


Wednesday, September 2nd 2015

We maybe never thought about how the primitives can produce image even though they never see any images before. How they imagine the 2D of a 3D objects? Do they also do a research like what we commonly do in this age? Or is it just suddenly comes up in their minds? At first I thought it was from a primitive who got a special gift from God. Well, that is make sense, but also not proven.

In “The Origin of Design” class, I watch a very long video about the beginning of art. This video records a long journey of a man who did a research about a picture with a man holding an animal’s tail that seems like a buffalo. It is a cave painting by San Bushmen in the Southern Africa.

For me it was just a picture of a daily live of the peoples, but I was wrong. The researcher explains that every single pictures that had been drawn by the primitives must be had a meanings. From this pictures, we can see that the man’s legs are cross each other so are buffalo’s back legs. The researcher interpret that it is a representation for both man & the animal were dying. It related to one of the San Bushmen rituals. In the rituals an old man were dancing around bond fire followed by girls singing. A few moments later, the old man seems like out of control which means that the soul of the man were travel to the spiritual world. Then the next few moments, the man fell down and his soul came back to his body and that is the end of the rituals.

Then the researcher begins with a new question about how primitives made pictures? Another researcher explains that when someone is sleeping or just close their eyes, the light condition around them at that time or the light (object) that save in their memory will appear in whether their dream or in form of silhouette when they are closing their eyes. Those imaginations are appear in form of 2 dimensional form, then peoples “copy and paste” things that they see in their imagination to a media such as cave, rock, cliff, etc.

The last thing, the researcher also found that most of the paintings in the world even have some similar pattern such as dots, lines, squares, etc. Those similar forms actually are the result of light that come straight to people eyes and result an effect in form of dots, lines, etc. The lights that come from nature are mostly the same in around the world, which is the reason why the patters resulted are the same.


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