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Week 4 – Nursery Rhyme Progress


Tuesday, 25 September 2015

Today’s agenda is continuing our work on nursery rhyme project. I have previously post the mind map and the storyline of our rhyme titled Si Patokaan. The story is actually as simple as a mother who is advising her son. Anyway, it challenges us to make interesting, but not to put aside the real story and real meaning behind the rhyme. The introduction part of the story is focusing on the time when Patokaan’s mother tells Patokaan about Minahasan’s custom and many difficulties in living in a new city. Then the scene cut to a scene when the grown up Patokaan is in the city and have difficulties there untul reach the climax when he feel dissatisfied and in the same time miss his hometown. It is actually just the imagination of Patokaan. Finally, the scene twisted back to the time when the real Patokaan is on the way to a city, but with well preparation to face the future challange.

For the method that we are going to use in our moving image, my group mate, Mamun, suggests to use a method that he usually calls as “framing”. I actually do not understand, but when he says “It is a method like in making anime in japan” I start to understand. Firstly, we start by making the pictures by pencils and papers and we divide it in to some parts: main characters Patokaan made by Wahyu, then the backgrounds by Avi, and the last is the supporting surrounding by me.

The specific software that we use in working our project is RETAS, because it is easy to use and make us easier in coloring, especially when giving the shadow or light effect without too much use outlines. For the colored pictures, firstly we do lining by using the software. Second, we use Retas paintman to put colors on the pictures. In other way, the pictures that are not going to colored up will only pass the lining process. Finally, the pictures will arrange and fixed scene by scene in form of moving image.

Since Si Patokaan is a rhyme from Minahasa, our group has an idea to use Minahasa as the dubbing language, but in the moving image we will also provide the English subtitle. Fortunately, my other group mate, Avi, has a relative that know about Minahasa language that would like to help to translate the script to Minahasa language. For the back sound, and sound effect, we use sources from the internet, but for the song itself we make a record by ourselves.

So far, we have done most of the scenes. Things that we still working on are some last frames, the Minahasa dubbing, and some lining and painting. If we have done with all those works then we will able to do the final editing by combining the whole parts, there are: moving images, sound effects, dubbing, song, and the subtitle.

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