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Week 2 – Storyline: “Si Patokaan” Nursery Rhyme


Once upon a time, in a house of a Minahasa family, there were parents who were gathering with their son named Patokaan. The father was telling Patokaan about the cultural habits of people in Minahasa when they want to be claimed as a mature person, especially for men. His father told him that one of the things should be done by a man to be claimed as a mature man was by done a migration to another island far away from his hometown and the man should be able to survive there. The man will not allow to come back to his hometown before they have not reach success, nevertheless, he would just got insulted in his own hometown.

Several years later, when Patokaan was going to to leave Minahasa to start his new live in a new place, his mother told him several bad side of living in such stranger’s place. She told him a story of a man who did migration. The man had passed a lot of difficulties such as finding a job, less of tuition fee, starving and another worse thing. But then, he was able to make the condition become better.

Finally, he had a profession and earned a lot of money. Then patokaan’s mother gave him advice to always be careful and to look after himself. In the end, Patokaan leaved the town and kept his mother advice as his main message for him.


Group member:
Aviah Al Jufri
Ayshi Zulia A.F.I
Wahyu Mahendra

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