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Week 2 – Making Meaning, Making Sense


How a thing can be represented? A thing can be represented in two ways those are visual sign (Iconic sign) and written/oral sign (indexical sign). Visual sign is a representation that has a symbolic characteristic, such as pictures, sculpture, etc. On the other hand, a written or spoken sign is a representation that use words, for example, a name of a person commonly describe a person’s character, or a green creature that has leaf, stem, and root is called as “plant”. Below is an example of both ways of representation. On the left, there is a visual representation of a rose, while on the right side is a written representation of a rose. In addition, the visual sign give people a specific information about the flower, such as its name rose, pink color, etc. In contrast, the written sign might only understood by certain people in certain language, written sign also shows the general information, for instance, it is “rose” in English or “mawar” in indonesia, it might be has pink or red or white color, it maybe has a few thorns or much thorns, etc.

                        index                    Rose              

Representation also related to a word “code”. The important things in deliver a code are the message, sender, and receiver. The message here is in form of symbol or any visual thing that should able to describe something not only in simpler way, but also with clear and understandable information. The next, a sender is a party who has a role to encode the information in a form that can be understood by the receiver. Then the last part, a receiver will encode the decoded message once the receiver receive and see the message. Here is an example of “code” That is a picture of a gadget product. Once people see this product, they will directly “decode” the message inside it. For example, people might think “I will easier to bring this everywhere”, because the slim appearance, or also “I seems elegant”, because of its style. The conclusion is, The code has function to give information in simpler way, and also easy understood by people.


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