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Week 1 – History of Storytelling: Oral Story


Tuesday, September, 1 2015

On this lecturing class my lectures show us a video about the production of The Cars animation. There are several steps in this production. At the beginning, the video show several animators were working on The Carss’ first character, which for me seems like McQueen though I do not see the “lighting” sign on that car. They start with the concept making. There are several aspects that should be considered, such as the way The Cars characters grab things without hands, and do other human things though they do not have specific features like human have.


After finish with the concepts, they start to make the storyline that will used to make the storyboard. Storyline is a story that made in a form of writing that then use in script making. In the script later on, the producer includes the description about places, dialogs, also the activities that the characters will done. After done with the storyline, the animators start to make the storyboard base on that storyline. Different from storyline, storyboard is a visualization of the story, whether it is in a form of 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional pictures.

The next step is the pre-production step. On these steps, all of the pictures and videos are fixed to be a complete and well ordered. This fixing process is included as pre-production process. If this process has done, it means that the movie has been produced.

Movie has been produced does not mean it is ready to be distributed. Before distribution, the movie should through the post-production step firstly. It included pieces mixing and editing process, such as the moving pictures, sounds effect, dialogs, back sound, and other supporting aspects for the movie.

Finally, after all the steps are done, then The Cars movie could then distributed. The distribution can be done in various media, for example internet. By distribution, peoples will able to watch the movie and enjoy the result of that long production process.

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