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@AMERICA: The Role of Women and Family in Countering Violent Extremism (Jihad Selfie)


Jihad Selfie is a documentary movie made by Noor Huda Ismail about terrorism, specified on the way how they recruit the members. It was begin with the directors journey over some country that then meet him with an Indonesian scholar in Turki named Akbar. At the time, Akbar is about to be recruited by one of the largest terrorist organization that is ISIS, invited by his friend through Facebook. From Akbar, then he started his observation. He started a close relationship with Akbar, sharing information about his interest in joining ISIS, etc.

Akbar was firstly attracted by some photographs of his friend, Wildan, while using military uniform and guns, doing selfie within his activity in ISIS. He thought that it was cool, then he started have chat with Wildan. In the conversation, Wildan was telling Akbar about “what are good values involving in the army”, for example, he told Akbar that he was granted that he will get heaven if he defends Islam by doing “jihad”. The worse thing is that, Akbar is not the only one that was attracted to join ISIS through the using of social media. There has been a lot of people before him.

The uniqueness of this documentary is on its source of point of view. Mostly documentary movie that I ever watched focus mostly on observing from the external view of the object, such as a terrorism expertise, journalist/military (that dealing with terrorism issue), or government. However, in this documentary, Noor Huda Ismail who is the director is focusing on the internal view of the object which is the terrorist itself. For example, he did a direct interaction with certain group of terrorist, the person who almost recruited, and so the person that has experienced live within terrorism.

Moreover, from this views, the watcher can understand deeper about terrorism itself, but in the other and I see some possibility of misunderstanding of this movie if the watcher does not know the whole part of the movie. Related to this, the director also said that the watcher should watch the movie full from the beginning until the end in order to avoid a misconception of the movie.



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