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PRE-PRODUCTION: Storyline Revision


REVISED Storyline: ayshirevised2-docx

I complete the storyline by adding the shoots and angle which are not included in the previous storyline. Besides, I make some change on the story too that at the beginning, I plan to implement natural sign of “coming of the death” by using butterfly (that basically represents the coming of unknown guess that may be anything, which in this case is the angle of death). Since the sign is not really specific, I plan to change it. Once, I heard from my friend that in the day when her friend’s father was passing away, no long before the death, they heard a raven on the housetop voiced. Therefore I do research on the Google, then I found that a raven sound (on the housetop) is a natural sign that someone inside the house is going to face death. This thing then become my resource for my story.

In the story I do focus on conversation, since it is about how the daughter try effort to ensure her father to give blessing on her decision, but at the end, she has no chance to reach that.


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