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  Script Condition Sound Shoot place Duration
  A father is in the kitchen. His eldest daughter is coming home that day. He wants to welcome her by provide her her favourite food. He is cooking the menu at that time.

He continuously looking on the front door just to check whether his daughter has come or not.


Sometimes he check on his daughters photos that he always bring inside his pocket.

The rice cooker smoke.

Tea is dissolving in the hot water in the water pot.

Fried Tongkol fish is cooked in hot oils.

Father is making sambals


Song is playing.

Old songs (80s) are playing. Song about longing. (the song was live playing by radio or etc.) Kitchen 40 seconds
1 The daughter is coming home.





She stands in front of her house (silent for a while).

Then she walks towards the door.

The street full of trees and strong sunlight.

she meets some neighbors.

Not so many vehicles, just view trucks and motorbikes.

Sounds of vehicles and villagers people working In front of the house. 30 seconds seconds
2 She knoncks the door and see inside the house through the window


Daughter: “Assalamualaikum! Pak, ini Ais pulang.”

Knocks the door 3 times repeated.


Check inside through the window

  In front of the door 10 seconds
3 The father is preparing lunch in the kitchen and see his daughter that is checking him though window.





Notice her presence, her father feels very excited.


Father: “Waalaikumsalam! Ya, tunggu bentar kak.”

Still making sambals.







He smaller the cooking fire, take out the tea from the water and throw it, and clean up his hand with a cloth


Turn down the song.

Old songs (80s) still continue playing. Song about longing. (the song was live playing by radio or etc.) In the kitchen 20 seconds
4 Father: “Ya Allah, kangen banget bapak sama kamu toh nak.”

He gives a hug to his beloved daughter.


Daughter: “Hehe, bapak… Ais juga kangen bapak sama ade. Ini Ais bawakan oleh-oleh untuk bapak sama adek. Hihi.”


Daughter: “Tadinya Ais mau beliin bapak kemeja, tapi Ais inget bapak pasti jarang mau pakai kemeja, jadi Ais belikan kaos saja.”


The daughter smiles happy to see her father.

Father: “Waduuh. Kamu kan disana belajar, kak. Padahal tidak perlu kamu repot-repot gini. Makasih, nak. Yaudah yok masuk.”


Daughter: “Iya, pak.”






Showing couple of shirts and a bag of souvenirs.

  In front of the door 40 seconds

She walks directly towards her room.




She unpack her bag and tidy up her stuffs. She found her GPA report and show it ti her father.



Father: “Kamarmu itu masih rapi gak diubah-ubah sama bapak. Takutnya kalau bapak ubah-ubah kamu gak suka, nanti kamu marah sama bapak.”

Inside the room there are some photos, not so much things. Just a bed, wardrobe, small mirror.






She stand a while. Looking at the mirror, see her reflection.


  Bed room 20 seconds

She walks to his father.

Her father is preparing the lunch from the kitchen to the main room.


Daughter: “Pak, ni alhamdulillah hasil belajar semester pertamaku, IPK ku bagus.”


Her father then stop the work and check it out.

The daughter back to her room.


A plate of fried fishes.

Rice in its container

Tea pot

Empty plates


  Main room 15 seconds
7 Father: “Alhamdulillah lancar ya kamu belajar disana.”


Daughter smiles

Then he sit down



  Main room 5 seconds
  His daughter then ask him:


Daughter: “Pak, ade kemana ya?”


Father: “Adek lagi di rumah temannya kak. Lagi main dia. Kasihan sejak kamu kuliah diluar kota, dia sering sendirian kalau dirumah. Makanya bapak suruh dia main.”


Daughter: “ Oh ya, oke deh.”








Pouring tea into his glass.

  Bed room 15 seconds
  Father: “Kak, kakak bener gak mau kuliah di Bandungn aja? Biar bisa bareng sama adek.”



Drink little tea   Bed room 10 seconds
  Daughter: “Pak, Ais sudah satu semester disini. Ais mau lanjut, hasil belajar Ais juga bagus kan, berarti mungkin insyaallah ini memang tempat kuliah yang tepat buat Ais.”


Father: “Kan kamu bisa cari jurusan yang sama, lanjut disini, berhenti disana.”


Daughter: “Ya mungkin bisa aja pak, tapi Ais gak mau berhenti. Ais mau lanjut, selesain disana. Ais mau selesain apa yang Ais mulai, pak.”



She still unpacking her stuffs   Bed room 30 seconds
  Father: (silent, he looks sad and disapointed.) “Yasudah, kalau emang itu maumu. Kamu belajar yang rajin ya, Nak. Supaya kamu gak sia-sia belajar jauh disana.”




“Yok, kak, makan dulu. Nih bapak udah siapin semuanya tadi”


Daughter: “Iya pak, tunggu sebentar. Ais lagi nanggung rapihin barang-barang, biar sekalian rapih dulu.”


Silent for a while.

















Tiding up her stuffs

  Main room















Bed room

30 seconds
  A butterfly suddenly fly inside the main room. The father see it and he thought about something. His expression suddenly change and so his feeling.


Father: “Kak, bapak minta kamu jaga adek ya. Kalian kan hanya berdua saja, tidak ada yang lain.”


Daughter: “Iya lah, pak. Masa Ais biarin adek sendiri.”



He put down the glass suddenly, cause some drops of tea fall on the carpet. Heavy buzzing sound Main room










Bed room

20 seconds
  Father: “Lama betul toh beres-beresnya. Sini makan siang dulu saja. Nanti lanjut lagi.”


Daughter: “Bentar, bapak sabar ya. Lima menit lagi nih, lima menit saja. Atau bapak makan duluan saja, Ais nyusul setelah ini”


Father: “Tidak mau ah. Bapak tunggu kakak saja.”


Daughter: “Bapak ini, seperti anak kecil saja harus ditemani. Hehe”

(laughing, the father just smiles)



He seems nervous, he stands up and walking around slowly. His eyes looking around. Main room 30 seconds
  Father: “Eh, besok adek mu ulang tahun kan.”


Daughter: “Iya pak. Ais inget kok. Ais udah siapin sesuatu malah buat adek. Ini udah Ais bungkus serapih-rapihnya.”


The daughter was preparing her price for her sister to show it to her father, but suddenly she was surprised by a hard fall sound from her father place.


He stops. Looking down, but still stand up   Bed room 25 seconds
  She direcly goes to the main room with the proce that still on her hand.


She was surprised because she saw her father is laying unconciously on the floor and she was very panic.


She check his breath, his heartbeat, then he just realize that his father has gone.


She was crying.

Daughter: “innalillahiwainailaihirojiuun”




The tea inside her father glass spill on the carpet.

  Main room 20 seconds
  No longer after that, her sister came and hear her words. Her sister was surprised and run towards main room from outside.   Near her house 10 seconds
  She was surprised to see her eldest sister with his father laying on the floor.

She walks fast and knees on the other side of her father’s body, still shocked.

Sister: “Kak?” (Her face was palm starring at Ais’s face. “Signaling” whether their father has pass away?)

Daughter: (still crying. She give a gesture that “yes, he has pass away”)

  The song from the radio play in low volume Main room 20 seconds
  Both sisters are crying. There is a bad feeling in Ais since she just realize that the last words of his father that said if he wants her to stay in Bandung and accompany her sister is his last wish.   Sad song (continue the song that were playing in higher volume) Main room 10 seconds

A butterfly suddenly fly inside the main room. The father see it and he thought about something. His expression suddenly change and so his feeling.


Father: “Kak, bapak minta kamu jaga adek ya. Kalian kan hanya berdua saja, tidak ada yang lain.”


Daughter: “Iya lah, pak. Masa Ais biarin adek sendiri.”

Black and white (muted) Song continue Main room 20 seconds



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