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MAD Talk: Museum of SIAM


Museum of SIAM is a name of national discovery museum in Thailand. The main concept of this museum is all about”storytelling”. To support that, this museum applied an interesting elements that the conventional museums did not have that is inter-acttivity. This inter-activity was created between the historical objects (the duplicates) with the visitors on the museum. This may be invariant forms, such as, video, sounds, etc.

As how the concept, this museum did not provides the historical objects as the there museum did, but more likely to perform the history chronologically through certain room sets that was arranged in purpose to lead the visitors to follow the history chronologically ordered. Those rooms are (in chronological):

  1. Who is Thai Buddhism
  2. Typical Thai
  3. Land-intro. to Suvarnabhumi wealth
  4. Suvarnabhumi
  5. The Family of Ayutthaya
  6. The Accounts of Thailand
  7. Siam
  8. The War Room
  9. The Map Room
  10. Bangkok New Ayutthaya
  11. Village life
  12. Changes
  13. Politics and Communication (1)
  14. Politics and Communication (2)
  15. Thailand Today
  16. Thailand Tommorrow
  17. Building Story

This museum also in routine held exhibition, such as Rice Farming. This Rice Farming exhibition are held annually during farming season on the rice field that made near the museum.


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