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Final Assignment: Paper Work 2


2D to 3D Paperwork

In this project, I create a 3D form that basically representing (not a form/shape/object) my feeling towards my past. The overall concept of my project is nostalgia. Here, I’m not including any kind of symbolism of “nostalgia” in my work, but put my past experience and impressions as the elements. First, the brush colour that I am using for my paper pattern that the idea was coming from me and my old friend’s favourite colour. Then, the folding technique that I used comes from my mom’s most favourite paper folding technique.

In working on the other elements, I firstly set my self in nostalgia atmosphere, such as listening to nostalgia songs, revealing my sense of nostalgia by checking my old stuffs, etc. Those things I done before or/and along the way of my progress working on the piece work, in order to make me able to work on it intuitively and let my mind expressing what it wants to be revealed on the piece work.


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