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Week 3 Illustration & Typography


Ay's Page


Above is my page with typography and illustration. My concept is just “Cut”. It’s not a cool word exactly, but I like to use it on my page concept, because the main point of the message that I try to deliver through my page is about to cut something that is “not suppose to be there”. There on my picture I have a long hair girl is cutting her hair, a simple way to illustrate my point. There I put the main tag “Cut The Disreputation” and put Red color on word “Cut” to emphasize the main message (to take away/thrown away something that somehow cause people get down).

The other part are some sentences that say:

“People thought that I’m the one who

unconfident, not who believe on my self and

it is impossible if I can be better than them

The whole sentences is actually an example how people may negatively thought about a person, that somehow make the person uncomfortable. On the illustration, some part of the hair and also “some words on it” is cut by the girl and the lefted words are only:

“I’m the one who believe on my self and I can be better that them”


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