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Week 2 Structure, contents and hierarchy


AyshiRecreating cover image from INDESIGN Indonesia magazine cover.

My source example is a magazine with title INDESIGN Indonesia. I use this example because for me, the cover of the magazine is intersting especially because of the shadows effects that makes the image looks like 3D in someway. It has some structures there are: title, contents, Industry names, texture, and lines. I recreate the cover image to help me understand how those structures were arranged. On the next paragraph, I will explain how I drew the image in Adobe Photoshop.

Firstly, I made some guide lines (blue lines) to help me create the grid with same measurements as the real cover. Second, on different layers I create the grids one by one using rectangle tools and put them in position following the guidelines that I have made. Third, I create the title, contents, and also the subtitle using Text Tool. Actually, the fonts that I use for this image is not exactly the same as the fonts that used on the real cover, I only use the quite similar one. The next is that I made the background by inserting a similar texture image that I got from google image and put it on lower layer as a background. In order to get almost the same texture and color, I customize the curves and hue on the image. After I got the background that I want, I then put the Industry names. I do this not since the beginning, because the Industry name needs to be adapted with the background in terms of opacity and color. For final step, I apply shadows for the grid lines like what I have on the real cover. Here I adjust the size, distance, and any other properties to get almost the same shadows with the real one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 5.27.50 PM


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