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Week 1 What is Interactive Media? Design styles. Transformation, distortion and masking



In this term I learn new software that is Adobe Flash. This is my first exercise using flash. Actually it still only a static image that later on I will start to animate it.
Base on what I learn during working on my first exercise is that, we should have each part of our image separated to then combine them to form a complete image. For example, in my owl’s body there are some separated part, there are wings,purple body, white body, feet, and feather lines (small black lines inside the whute body). Each of those parts are separated and made as “symbols”.
This is important because,if later on when I want to animate my flash file, I do not need to change the whole thing, I only need to focus animating certain part. For instance, I want to vibrate the feather lines, I will no need to redraw the whole owls with different position of the feather lines, but I only need to click on the feather lines symbol and animate it only.


Below is my second exercise about shape tween. It is just a simple shape tween, that I use to show color changing and gradation. I have my basic shape is a rectangle. For the gradation, I use circle and smaller rectangle that filled by gradation. Basically both gradation by circle and rectangle are the same. First I fill them with gradation, and I custom the gradation as what I want on the gradation properties. At first time I do confuse because the gradation is not really blended to the color of the basic shape. Then I change the black gradation part into white, and on the color property, I change the alpha level to zero (it makes my gradation blended to the base color).

I customize how my image will start and  will end up with (the gradation radius, color, etc) by placing key frames on some points on the timeline. After finish customizing, I drag the area on timeline between the key frames, and insert shape tween to it. Then when I play it, the color and gradation changing will going smoothly on the animation.



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