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Week 1 A History of publishing: Cultural Contexts


Todays, people can read various writings from various writers out of countries even easier than how people in around nineteenth century were waiting for their local newspaper that was passed from door to door, thanks to the standarization of the internet as the global network since the last 20th century until today. However, although the online publishing now is quite different especially in the using of “real” paper, publishing in any period will never be lost from the history of printing development in past period.

The history of printing would never left from Johannes Guttenberg invention, a printing machine in 1450. People in recent age may cannot imagine how the world will be without printing machines. One of the case is that, in period before printing machine was found, the printing of Bible was a “hand printing” that done by several people in a place together and took much more longer time to do. It seemed very toughtful to done one book, and was very far from mass production. At the time printing machine was invented, Bible become the first book that was printed by the machine.

There are also some other things that have take role in the history of publishing. First is that the invention of paper in China as a common media for printing. In year 1790, Thomas Wedgewood invented the “capturing machine” that is camera. An ther was also the founding of Lithography printing technique that was invented by Aloys Senefelder in 1796. This invention of Lithography contribute to the mass printing of images with a high quality image.

In 1982, internet was standarized as a worldwide network and started from that time, there were some publishing done through internet, such as National Geographic. Especially in this recent age, publishers mostly choose to use online publishing instead of use the printed one. Some of the advantages is that because it takes lower cost in term of machine and paper use. Besides, in online publishing, people may found the published book easily rather than to find the physical book. However, although now online publishing may seems more “popular”, printing on real paper never be stopped, because somehow people are more likely to feel comfortable with the printed one rather than the digital one.


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