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Week 13 – Video Music Project (Progres 1)


Our group got song from Björk titled “Bacherlorette” which has definition “young unmarried woman. This song is kind of poetic song that make us quite confuse when we are trying to determining the meaning. After a long discussion, we then found that this song mainly about a girl that feel depressed because his boy that in relationship with her actually has sex-base interest on her and he will only come back to her when he need to be “satisfied”. Because this song mostly about the girl’s feeling about that case, then we want to emphasize her feeling, about how she mau felt like that and what is the causes. Therefore, we take “Feeling flow” as our concept in making the video.

1. Introduction:
– The girl walk somewhere alone
– The boy cone and attracted by the girl (physically)
– They’re start forming a relationship
2. Climax:
– The boy’s interest mostly on her physical appearance
– He will only back to the girl when he feel need to be “satisfied”
– The girl noticed that and depressed from being “passive” and ignored
– Unfortunately, the boy seems does not even care about that
3. Solution:
– However, the girl just trapped in her feeling
– The boy is the only one who she want to surrender herself for.
– She then choose to stay still in her “gap-ed” love with the boy.

Rough Script:


Group members:
– Aviah Al Jufri
– Ayshi Zulia A.F.I
– Wahyu Mahendra


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