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Week 10 – Why Designer Ask So Often “Why”?


Questioning is the common habit of human kind. People may questioning something by asking about “what”, “who”, “where”, “when”, “why”, or “how”. Depends on thing that they are curious about. Designer specially so often to ask about “why”. It is because a designer commonly not ease to get satisfied by a single answer. Once they got an answer, they may have another question as a feedback of the answer itself, so they will think back and front, question and answer. Besides, by asking “why” can help the designers yo reveal structure of a problem and identify cause and effect in aim to creating a visionary thoughts. There are several things that designers concern about in constructing a visionary thought.
       Some of primary thing that designers concern about are methodology, method, technique, and tools. First, methodology is about the main idea that designer want to build up. The second one is the method, which is about step formulated by the designers in aim to achieve the idea (discovering). After discover the method, the designers then start to deciding the technique they want to choose. This divided into two section there are: ideate the technique by learning and understanding the problem; then they may start with embodiment that is section where the designer finding for any possible solutions. After find the solution, the designer still need other thing to implement the solution that is a tool to create the result in certain form, for example a prototype. In addition, the resulted design may also said as the representation of the process. In other word if the process is well done, then the product resulted also will be well result.
A question come up about whether a person who has a design thinking, but has no ability in drawing may claim themselves as a designer or not. The answer is no, because drawing is one of the basic skill that a designer should has. It is not should be good, but at least the drawing can represent the idea of the designer. Besides, an idea is not enough only explain or written, but it is also important to be represented in form of sketching for example to make it easy to be understood.


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