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Week 11 – Print Out Advertistment (Revised)



This advertisement is made by Ferdi Rizkiyanto, an Indonesian digital designer in year 2011. This advertisement is about the climate change visualisation. The concept I got from this advertisement is the “hourglass”. This concept used in order to show in time to time how the earth will be if human kind are keep less concerning about the climate change due to the global warming that is happening in the whole places on the earth.

In the upside part of the hourglass, we can see there is a kind of condition in the north pole, where there is also some pole bears looked scared seeing their habitats the iceberg are getting less. In relation to the thing happen in upside part, the condition also affect the below part where visualise a city with many buildings (in the background) and on the foreground we can see there are 13 cut down trees from 14 trees and only one tree lefted, without any replant trees, and flood. The dropping water also may as the symbolization of chaos effect, that is something that hapen in certain part on the earth may effect the other thing in other far away part on the earth. The background especially the skyscraper is represented the “green house effect”, one of the most affecting factors of global warming. We can also see that the color of the sky in the below part is not really good, seems too bright, too warm, that means the atmosphere is no longer in good condition specificly in the ozon part.

There is also a lot of water are surrounding the city that trapped the activity in the whole city (This can be seen from how the designer put the cars driving toward the “flooded street”). In addition, the designer, Ferdi Rizkiyanto, is an Indonesian, so the reason why he use “flooded street” from the one of massive issue in Indonesia that is flooding, which is bring very much loss to the human. In addition to this issue that  flood is one the most scary disaster when people imagine it hapens on the whole part of the earth. Just imagine if thos earth was covered all by wayer from the melting iceberg, human will not have possibility to live and also the same for other species live on land. Even birds (two birds on the advertistment) that able to fly to avoid the water, they will also threatened because they cannot fly the whole time. The poont is flood is is used for the visualization on the advertistment, because it has meaning the destroyed earth (when flood cover the earth).

Moreover, I also interpret that the reason why the whole condition is put inside the hourglass is to show people that “you have no other way out”, because there is no other planet to live in, just earth, people have no other choices better than conserving the earth itself.

There are also 2 statements inside the hourglass. The first said “we are running out of time” means that human have limited time to fix this global warming issue. The second said “act now before it’s too late” means that if the human not take action soon, they will loose their chance to change, because even their selves are  trapped among the issue.

The conclusion of this advertistment is that if human kind have less concern about global warming that is affect much to climate change, the party that is being harmed is not only the north pole or any other nature subjects, but also human itself. From the visualisation, we can see that if the problem of global warming cannot be solved, than the living will just trapped because we have no other choice than the earth.



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