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Week 11 – Storyline: Comic Project


Mind maping


– Introduction
There are a couple of a father and a son that are scavengers. Eventhough they are only scavengers, the always have each other in their arms. They sad and happy together, eat fairly, especially the father always take care his son carefully by anything he has. They live depends to their one and only cart, which is their place to put their collected plastic trash and on the same time place for the son to sleep.

– Conflict
One day, there are Satpol PP team that raid the beggars, and any other person that considered as the reason of the uncomfortably situation in the city. At the time, the son was sleeping inside the cart where no one realize it and the father went around to collect some plastic trashes. Unfortunately, the father was catched by Satpol PP and the son was left.

– Solution
When the son have woke up, he got confused because he did not see his father. He thought that his father might be has not back yet, therefore he then went back to sleep. He woke up in the next morning without previously eat something and he felt hungry, but he only found a piece of yesterday cake that he thought still could be eaten. He worried about his father then he went with the cart finding his gone father, but he got no result. He was crying and suddenly someone kind gave him food to eat. After that he continued to find his father and got tired again. Again, he got someone kind gave him a money that he could use to buy some food. As tome goes by, he thought that it may be easier for him to be a beggar rather than be a tiring scavengers. From that time than he started to be a beggars. Beggars in Indonesia are getting bigger in amount, in this case may caused by the less attention carelessness of certain authority.

Rifai Dwi Cahyo
Ramadhan Anhas
Ayshi Zulia A.F.I
Dama Vara


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