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Week 10 – Blending Mode (Lab Hour)



From the result on the previous image on week 9 (masking), I then add some blending mode on the picture. I firstly find a picture with red orange random gradation, then i make 3 layers from that picture. First I make full layer and I put it infront the background layer and behind the woman. I’m not use “normal”  for this layer and change the opacity to 20%. Secondly, I make the new layer with same picture, but I drag it to the left side full about 50% from the left side with 5% opacity and I use the “hard light” blending mode. I put the layer infront the woman layer. Then, I do same thing with the next new layer where the picture put on right side full the layer for about 60% from right. I use “exclusion” blending mode with 45% opacity. Finally I add another additional that is a “red smoke”. I use “divide” blending mode that made the smoke lighter and also change the color to light green. Then, I made 2 copies of It, one larger than the other. I put the larger smoke infront of the previous layer (the gradation layer) with 69% opacity and the smaller smoke exactly behind the woman layer. As the final step, I play with adjustments in order to make the picture stronger.


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