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Week 8 – Mid Term Examination: Narrative Concept and Storytellin


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Song  : “Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng”
Composer : Johanna Theodora “Wieteke” van Dort
Mind Map:
Johanna is a Dutch (Wieteke family) that lived in Indonesia before the Irian conflict 1957. After the conflict she with her family forced to leave Indonesia to Netherland, the place that they were not used to with.  She then made the song in form of her missing of her hometown in Indonesia.
After listening to the music, I analyse base on my interpretation that the composer brought the song with feeling of “not really doubt”, but at the same time felt “very bad dissatisfaction”. However, no matter how is her feeling at the time in the end, she said that she was adapting with her present condition in Netherland though she would never forget about how nice rice was in her taste (base on the last part from “Ik ben nou eel gewend… to … ja en daarom steeds ik roep”).
Base on my analysis I plan to make a kind of moving image that I like to call it as “flowing moving image”. The Image that I show below is an illustration of how my design will be. The main concept is “Mood Boundaries”. The clouds on the top as the boundaries for “fine” condition, while the water below is the boundaries for the “dissatisfaction”. The sunlight (warm) come up from the up left where it close to the first part of the story that was happening in Indonesia and getting far to the Netherland scenes. Then the positioning of the scenes is base on the condition that the scene (fine, not fine, or neutral). The plan of the movie making is by showing the movement (with certain transition ‘guide’ such as lines or etc) from scene to scene whether it is moving downside of upside depends to the condition.
The process of this movie making is by drawing with colouring board marker on the white board, then capturing the pictures one by one with as smooth as possible transition. After that the captured pictured will process on software movie maker in stop motion method. On the real video, probably the water and the clouds will not only that much but it will be expanded, also the scattered lines in each scenes will not be drawn later, so the main background and the scenes background will be blurred as well as the ‘single line’ of direction arrow will not shown on the real drawing (It is only for direction).
Rough Design:

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