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Week 7 – Narrative in Space 2 (Group Project)


My group have visited the museum last week on Saturday, 10 October. It was very surprising because we found so many error in term of signage system. Even not only us who feel the effect of the error signage, but also another visitors. Moreover, they also have a clueless map that put outside the building and it is the only map they have; even worse the visitors do not have any other guide such as a guide book or guide man, therefore they got confused inside the museum.

From that problem of course our group want to put big concern in repairing the signage system. We firstly have a quite hard brainstorming only to decide the concept of our project, since we are not really sure what is the definition of concept actually, but at the end we decide that our concept is all about “Reveal”. Firstly before we got that concept we realize that we are not sure about the validity of information delivered in the museum that maybe there is a propagandistic or anything that hidden for certain purposes. By implementing this concept on our project, we expect that we could encourage the visitors to think deeper about “Lubang Buaya Accident”, contemplate about things that might hidden, and find the real value that they may get from the “real” accident.

In term of project implementation, we change our plan from apply it on the whole area of the museum, to only the sites area where there are Lubang Buaya, a house, killing illustration, etc. Anyway, we still have plan to fix the signage system for the whole area of the museum.


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