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Week 6 – Design as Learning Methods and Tools


Designers work is not only make design. To be a designer, a person should have well understanding about learning in order to understand things or problem around them. Definition of learning itself in this context is to interpretating or understanding reality in a different way to be able to make sense on something that involve people’s personal experience. Therefore to be a designer, a person should be able to understand about methods in learning, way to make sense, and way to involve people’s personal experience.

There are several methods in learning especially in design, two of them are: Kolb’s experimental learning theory and Scӧn design: reflecting-in action. First, Kolb’s experimental learning theory is a learning path that begin from understanding an experience by feel it. Then, a designer should review that experience to find the problem. After he found the problem, a designer will start to think about way to solve it, until the person then do it in form of active experimentation. The second method is Scӧn design: reflecting-in action that seems quite simple, that is by understanding, observing, reviewing the thing that had been done, then when a designer found a problem, he should fix it. At the end, when the fixed design had been done, he will begin to the reflecting back in order to make it better.

After understanding the learning method, a designer should also know the way to make their design have sense by understanding what happen around, structuring the unknown, and attributing meaning to a surprise. In sense making a designer should firstly understand the condition and situation around him by observing what people have in present and what things they do not have. A designer also should find out things that probably needed by people. Then, that designer start to structuring the unknown that is a thing that may have not exist yet at the time and may fulfilling people’s need by make it exist. After done by structuring the unknown, a designer then start to implement it on their design as the additional value. This additional value that then make a design have more sense.

The last is about way to make people’s personal experiences involve in a design. One of the most effective way is by understanding the Golden Circle that show guide path for a designer to able to involve personal experience that is start from ‘why?’, ‘how?’, and then ‘what?’. Briefly, to attract people a designer should able to show people about why they need the design for example by show them certain problems that they may experience. Then show them how a thing may solve those problems, until finally tell them what thing (a design) they should have.

In conclusion, a designer is not only about making design, but before that a designer should know about learning method to understand their surroundings, sense making to make their design meaningful, and involving people’s personal experience to make them sure that they need the design.


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