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Week 6 – Narrative Space (Group Project)


Many buildings, places that we ever visit may have their walls, floors, and even their ceiling full of images, typography, etc., that displayed in order to give meaning, create a story or a kind of sense to the visitors. This week we asked to have a project about applying narrative space concept in certain buildings. We also suggested to visit firstly the location before we start to make the concept.
My group has to visit Lubang Buaya Museum in Jakarta. It is a museum that tells about an accident on 17th centuries where there were a kidnapping and killing of seven generals in Indonesia by a party that believed as PKI. In the second meeting of the sixth week, my group have not visit the place yet, because of the time conflict between the opening hour of the museum and our class schedule. Therefore we firstly search for the information from internet, then we started to make plan for the project.
Museum Lubang Buaya has so many dioramas inside it, and since dioramas is kind of static display, my group have plan to add a kind of movie screening by fall a slide covered the dioramas and present a video related to the displayed dioramas for once per certain period. Besides, we also have plan to show people that actually PKI was not the only one party that was so mean kidnaped and killed the generals, but even right after the accident there were a party that did a revenge to PKI which is even worse than what the PKI done to the generals. In order to show that fact, we plan to implement a video mapping in a room or certain ceilings inside the building; and during the playing of the movie, we covered all the displays in the museum, therefore people will focused to the movie.
Then, we were given chance to discuss our idea to our lecture. Unfortunately, my group miss something very fatal that is a concept. Our lecture suggest that better we firstly visit the museum before we start our next discussion about the project in order to make us understand more condition the building, things owned by the building, and sense that we felt inside the building.


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