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Week 6 – Rococo Art


The period of Rococo was on the 18th century, the period after Baroque in 17th period. Rococo word itself came from a France word ‘rocaille’, which means ‘rubble’ or ‘rock’. While the Baroque was originated in Rome, Rococo was from France that then spreading through countries in Europe. Rococo was first began with  its decorative arts and interior design, then start to expand in fashion, furniture, etc. The art at the time seemed to be ridiculous and funny, one of the example of the most ridiculous was on their woman fashion style that has skirt with wider from the right and left side, but keep flat the back and front that seemed uncomfortable to move anyway. However, this fashion was a fashion for the wealthy and probably some developed middle economy people. Wealthy woman was very serious in concerning their appearance, such as hairstyle, dresses, or even also make up. Most of Rococo characteristic and style was most influenced by three figures, they are King Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour, also an artist Jean-Antoine Watteau.

The end of Baroque Art was marked by the death of King Louis XIV, one of the chief style at the time, then after his death King Louis XV take his position. King Louis XV and his famous mistress, Madame de Pompadour were the greatest patron in Rococo Art. Eight years after the death of King Louis XIV, King Louis XV (13 years old) became the king and the regent in the same year moved the French court to Paris. In the city, the aristocrates create a kind of condition as in their previous city that may able to make them comfort. This change by the aristocrates was apparently then influenced Rococo style in term of interior design and decorations. His mistress, Madame de Pompadour, influenced on different aspects from the king. She was a fashionable wealthy woman and embrace Rococo painters and furniture makers.

Watteau wasactually not a pure painter artist that he previously experience architecture and interior design until at the end he decided to focus on painting on canvas. He spent his time in Paris in order to joining a workshop by Claude Golliot, a designer at the time. From that workshop, he got interested in theater and his favorite was the Commedia del’’Arte. He also interested with the ‘curved lines’ and decorative style of Rococo. During his career as a painter he combined both of his interests on his painting that then able to result both playfull with his theatrical characters and attractive art with his Rococo style. For his painting, Watteau like to use nature as the theme and to support that theme he use palette that provide him bright color that match with the nature.


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