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Week 5 – What Is Genre? (Documentaire Dark Side of The Moon)


Genre is a classification of narratives, music, or art base on the style and wat it presented. In narratives there are several genres, such as: action/adventure that contain many physical action; comedy that full of jokes, twists, and usually filled with exaggerated scenes; horror that purposed to make the watcher scared; documentary is a kind of non-fiction that talk about a reality; etc. Genres are differ from each other by looking at some aspect in each genres, such as the characters/actors, musics, lighting and sound effects, photography angle, etc. Actually, documentary included as a kind of genre newly in this recent age, therefore many people that still get confuse whether documentary is a genre or kind of something (not a genre). In a documentary movie, a lot of facts and evidences is needed to ensure the watcher the validity of the reality that the movie shown.

1One of examples of documentary movie is “Documentaire Dark Side of The Moon”. It is a documentary about the failed documentation of the first moon expedition by Neil Armstrong, United State. Base on the documentary, the president, Nixon who wanted the documentation of this expedition published felt disappointed because he had made the publishing plan with Hollywood that even stop their work on other projects except the moon expedition publishing project. Knowing this failure, than Nixon planed to make a fake documentation in London. Stanley Kubrick was a person that helped the US to directing this fake documentary. The actors that chosen for this project were the one who had no family relation, and agree to gone and given new identity after the production was done.

8When the production was done, and the documentary was ready to be published, they found an error. In a part of the documentary is Kubrick’s portrait lay on the fake moon surface. Moreover, there was also a fact that is impossible to take picture in moon condition that can made people realize that the documentary was a fake. Then, president Nixon give order to CIA to canceled the publishing and to kill all people that became the production crew even they shouldchased them until Vietnam, where the crew was hiding.

At the end of this documentary (documentaire Dark Side of The Moon), there are bloopers that make the watcher realize if it is not the true documentary, because the actors are laughing and some of them even forget the script. In my opinion, the only documentation of this movie is the documentation about how the US make fake moon documentation, that is all.



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