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Week 5 – Unique Design Work (The Bookworm by Atelier 010)



People in recent age mostly buy fewer books that might no more need a large bookshelf or library to put them in. In a book titled “The Bookshelf” The writer Alex Johnson wrote, “With fewer books to be housed, perhaps readers will look for more exciting ways of storing their home libraries in a mere shelf, with the bookcase becoming closer to a trophy cabinet.”. That statement related to a fact that now people attention is no longer to the essential of the books, but the bookshelf as the object of their desire since they rarely have large number of books while the books itself take role to keeping the bookshelf “still has meaning”.

Refer to that condition, the Dutch designers of Atelier 010 made a bookshelf that can provide solution for that case. They made a bookshelf that combine both bookshelf and reading nook in one product. From the picture above can be seen that the bookshelf is not too large for a little number of books. The curved shape of the bookshelf also can provide a confortable sitting place to do reading that also provided by a lamp that hanging on the top side of the bookshelf.

This bookshelf consists of three parts. The first is the foot that made from stainless steel that keeps the bookshelf standing in a fix position, so the user should no need to be worry the bookshelf will suddenly fall when they are sitting on it. Second, the curved layers that made from MDF and plywood that also colored up make the bookshelf has a special attraction to the user’s view. The, the last is the hanging light bolt that help the user they are reading in the reading nook of the bookshelf.



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