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Week 5 – Baroque Art


Baroque Art (1600 – 1700) is known as a period of art that the style is theatrical, realistic, and natural. In 1517 Martin Luther set the movement of Protestant Reformation that converting the Christianity faith in the Northern Europe to the Protestantism that had been introduced by Luther. As the response to this action the Catholic Church starts to launch the Counter-Reformation to raise their faith and theology. In 1545, the catholic church held Council of Trent leaded by a pope, Paul III, that discuss about the reforming of Catholicism and the statement to not to compromise with the Protestantism in term of faith. Things that were happening during the Counter Reformation apparently not only influenced people, but also the change in artistic style at the age, and this age is called as Baroque. In Baroque, there is some artist that well known such as Michelangelo Merisi di Caravaggio and Velazquez.

Young_Sick_Bacchus_by_Caravaggio_wikimediaCaravaggio is very like detail and he invented some methods in painting in order to reach the high detail, for instance he using the principal of pinhole to “copy” the shape of an object and his painting also known for theatrical characters because of the using of deep shadows and single source of light. He included as the artist that trusted to make paintings for Catholic Church in Rome, because of his way in painting that able to make the people who see it easily influenced or at least feel included to the situation visualized on the painting. Because of that, the church thought that his painting would help the movement of Counter-Reformation.

Unfortunately, someday in Rome, a death sentence brought to him because he killed a man. This death sentence then leads him for a run to cities outside Rome, such as Malta. In Malta he started to paint again, but because he was haunting by the death, most of his painting at the time was “bloody”. Until in some way he returned to Rome with the expectation his death sentence was cancelled by make a painting. Unfortunately, for the unknown disease he death before the painting was accepted.

las-meninas-c-1656-diego-velzquez-1382536096_orgThe next artist in Baroque is Velazquez. He was actually a Jewish blood that converting to Christianity for a reason. In painting, he was like to use strokes, but actually still his painting was extremely detailed. He was the only artist that trusted to make the portrait of Felipe IV. He painted many of the King’s live portrait start from the family until the painting of the king’s hunting activity.

His famous painting is Las Meninas. This painting shows people the daughter of Felipe IV who became the Emperor of the Austrian Hapsburg because her two brothers were death. On the background there is a mirror that probably was the reflection of Felipe IV and his wife or the reflection the paint that was painting on this portrait. Felipe IV had lost his wife and both his sons, maybe that was a reason why this painting (his daughter in the center) was meaningful.


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